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    We all dreamed about a female black-owned hair boutique where all products are carefully chosen for our hair type and tailored advice is provided by experts.  Joana and Catia, founders of Hairitage Care, made it!  I had the opportunity to pop in and had a quick chat with the lovely Joana (@jojocurls). If you are looking for a good reason to shop with

    As a new Natural Sista with Long Hair Goal, I obviously had to try the rice water. Being a lazy naturalista, I found that the rice water soaking method was the most effective for me. Stick around to find out why I recommend it, how I use it and the results I obtained. THE BENEFITS Rice water is a method that has been used

    Many focus on having long, voluminous and defined hair. How many are interested in a healthy scalp? Well, I wasn't a few months back! It was when I completed my Introduction to Trichology course that I became more familiar with the different scalp conditions and finally recognised the importance of taking care of my own scalp.  Trichology the science of hair,

    I’m so excited to share this first blog post! So without further ado, let’s get into it! My name is Deborah and this is my platform, Naturally Aksanti. The word Aksanti (asante) means “thank you” in swahili, which is a language spoken in DR Congo. It perfectly highlight my heritage and the sense of gratitude, from the sun-kissed and glowing skin to the

    Going natural and having to cut your hair is not always an easy step to take. It surely was not for me!  Whether you shave it all off or smoothly transition by trimming your hair regularly. You will have to go through this process for your hair to regain its natural state. Don’t worry it is all worth it at the


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