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    Naturally Aksanti

    Going natural and having to cut your hair is not always an easy step to take. It surely was not for me! 

    Whether you shave it all off or smoothly transition by trimming your hair regularly. You will have to go through this process for your hair to regain its natural state.

    Don’t worry it is all worth it at the end! Just remember this famous quote : 

    “ A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”.

    Coco Chanel

    Let me share with you my big chop story and easy guide to a smooth transition into the natural world.

    The Big Chop Easy Guide
    3 easy steps will make your life easier!

    Step 1: Cut it!

    When I finally gathered my strength and decided to embrace my natural hair, I did not completely shave my hair. I just couldn’t shave it and I didn’t think it would look great on me. 

    Shaving your hair surely has loads of proven benefits but it is not the only way and it is not for everyone!

    In any case, do you Boo! If you feel like taking a fresh start, the big chop might just be  ideal for you.

    Progressively, I transitioned by cutting the relaxed part of my hair which left me with a short cute Afro.

    Step 2: Pick your products

    Straight to the beauty shop I went, still clueless about which products to go for.

    A routine? I definitely never heard about creating a regimen for healthy hair and growth. 

    I was also not the one (and I’m still not!) to go through the ingredient list. I’m sorry but it’s just too stressful!

    Think of it as a diet. If you count all the calories all the time, you will drive yourself crazy, you will not enjoy the process and might end up going back to your unhealthy habits!

    As a new naturalista, I found that the Creme of Nature – Argan Oil products were really great and here is why:

    -Great value for money

    -Gentle for my hair

    -Easy to find online and beauty shop

    Step 3: Protect your hair

    Since I didn’t have loads of knowledge, I was keeping my hair in protective styles. It helped me to grow my hair faster. 

    Get creative, add colours, length, whatever makes you feel happy and pretty!

    There you have it!

    This is how it all started for me. Taking a big step, regular trim, a good affordable line of product and protective styles. 

    Reach out to me if you ever need a hair coach to sort out your hair journey and products 😉

    I’d love to hear from you! How is your hair journey going and what product works magic for your hair? Please comment below!

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