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Raging hormones cause many changes to a woman’s body while pregnant and our hair is certainly no exception! During pregnancy, there is an increase in the levels of oestrogen which can cause an impact on our hair. Keeping your hair nourished and protected is a must during this phase of life. A time of excitement and whirlwind emotions can help us to neglect our mane. Not every woman shares the same experience however several hormonal changes whilst pregnant can affect the quality and texture of the hair and skin. We have all heard of the ‘pregnancy glow’ such as stronger nails, illuminated skin and thicker hair, which sounds like a dream.

It is safe to say the ‘glow’ is not a myth. Your hair may feel shinier and thicker than ever. It is also widely known that after delivery as the oestrogen levels drop your hair moves into the resting phase, which can cause it to shed excessively often referred to as postpartum hair loss. Therefore, it is important to look after your hair during this time. If you want to get ahead and minimise hair fall post-delivery keep reading, we share tips on how to help your hair flourish whilst pregnant. 

Tip One

This is probably a no brainer, however, eating a full balanced diet alongside your prenatal supplements will help to provide all the nutrients you possibly need. We all know it can be a tough time when you’re craving every food under the sun or maybe not! However, eating well and foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals will help to grow your hair and keep it strong and healthy. 

Tip Two  

Incorporating the L.O.C method and using leave-in conditioners, oils, and creams will keep your hair moisturized and hydrated during your pregnancy. Healthy hair starts off with a healthy scalp! You can do this every wash day to refresh your curls.

Tip Three

Protein treatments are very much needed during this period; afro hair relies on moisture and protein. It can help with repairing your hair strands and adding more strength to damaged hair. Most protein treatments are great for conditioning the hair, and this can be done alongside a deep conditioning treatment. Find the best one that caters to your hair needs. Watch your fro bounce back to life and restore back to its natural state. Our replenishing hair mask will work great as a protein treatment, this will increase growth and a clean scalp. 

Tip Four

Using a mild shampoo and conditioner will help your hair however make sure to always check the ingredients in your haircare products as this may cause unwanted allergies and reactions. 

Tip Five

Give your hair a rest! This is the time when your hormones are up and down. Avoid hairstyles that are tight and pulling your hair, this can cause friction. Avoid constant heat which can cause heat damage in the long run. Try and stay away from hair colouring and chemical processes such as relaxing your hair. The less tension during this time the better!

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