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    Aksanti Hair Goals



    Take a good start!
    30 minutes Initial assessment session
    Goal Setting and Product Advice

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    Being natural can be challenging at times but I’m here to turn this challenge into a beautiful self-love adventure. Once you have booked your package, you will receive an initial assessment form in your inbox. Please complete the forms thoroughly and timely so your session can be as effective as possible.

    Whether you just started your journey and need a little direction or you are already onboard but feel like you’re struggling to find the correct balance.

    This package is designed to set you on track by providing you enough support to create a hair regimen that will be specifically tailor to your needs.

    Thanks to the assessment form completed beforehand, I will be able to set up an achievable hair goal as well as finding products that will work best on your hair and help treat any scalp conditions.

    During the 30 minutes coaching session, we will discuss your goal and the products selected to achieve it. You will also have the opportunity to share any hair related issues you might face.

    At the end of the session, you will receive a digital coaching form which will include your set goal, selected products and a detailed routine.

    If you wish to go further, I will advise to either book a full coaching package such as Aksanti Progress and Aksanti Advance or Aksanti Follow Up.


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